Friday, 1 November 2013

Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Dawkinsia exclamatio (Pethiyagoda & Kottelat, 2005) from Kallada River of Kerala, India

Dawkinsia exclamatio (Pethiyagoda & Kottelat, 2005) is one of the endemic cyprinid of the southern
region of Kerala.   D. exclamatio was formerly included in the genus  Puntius and ‘Puntius filamentosus group’ of related species which also contained  P. arulius,  P. assimilis,  P. filamentosus,  P. rohani, P. rubrotinctus, P. singhala, P. srilankensis and P. tambraparniei, but all of these species were moved to the new genus  Dawkinsia by Pethiyagoda et al. (2012). D. exclamatio refers to inhabit in both slow- flowing pools and relatively fast-flowing areas and also occurs in clear-water, rock and pebble substrate areas. The specific name of the species is derived from Latin word ‘exclamatio’ because of its colour pattern resembling an exclamation mark at snout- down position. This cyprinid locally known as Ascharya Paral, is listed as endangered species (Abraham, 2011) and has great economic value as an ornamental fish

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