Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Reproductive biology of Puntius denisonii (Day 1865) – an endemic ornamental cyprinid of the Western Ghats of India


A study on the reproductive biology of Puntius denisonii showed that the length at first maturity is 60-70 mm in males and 70-80 mm in females. The absolute fecundity ranged from 293 to 967 ova in a female of 85 -122 mm total length and 7-16.35 g body weight. There is no clear cut sexual dimorphism in the species, but a mature female can be identified by the slightly bulged belly and its characteristic behaviour. Ova diameter studies indicated that the fish spawns once in a year during a short period of definite duration. The spawning season of P. denisonii in the River Iritty was found to be from December to February. This species can be successfully bred under captive conditions during December-January. 
Keywords: Ornamental fish, Puntius denisonii, Reproductive biology, Western Ghats

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